Fit India Trust (FIT) is a non-profit organization working towards creating the right environment for the growth of Indian health and fitness industry. It brings together people from all aspects of the industry to share their mutual interests through a common platform. FIT's members include Gym Owners, Trainers and Facility managers, Nutritionists, Health and Fitness Enthusiasts, Athletes and Bodybuilders, Experts and Consultants, Equipment and Service providers and Alternative medicine practitioners among others.

  • FIT provides employment opportunities to fitness professionals.
  • FIT provides learning opportunities to Fitness Trainers and Gym Owners to excel in their careers.
  • FIT provides platform to enhance gym facility experience.


Fit India Trust's vision is to give the health & fitness industry in India, a new and contemporary approach. FIT's objective is to make health and fitness more accessible to people around the country, regardless of where they are and what they do. FIT strives to create a new era of health and fitness in the Indian subcontinent.


Fit India Trust is all set to fill the gaps prevalent within the Indian Health and Industry market such as scattered services,lack of employment and learning opportunities,access and communication between the service providers and the end users. FIT's mission is to modernize Indian Health and Fitness Industry through latest technology.